Alumni Take Part in Honors Scholarship Review From Cities Across the Country

By Eva Richards

Alumni can support Honors students this fall and winter is by being a part of its annual scholarship review. This role is something that individuals can do for free, on their own time, and from various locations—near or far.

victor-e-honors-emailEach year, scholarship awards are made possible by generous donations to the NIU Foundation as well as resources from the University Honors Program and the Division of Student Affairs. Honors students may apply for all scholarships and tuition waivers for which they are qualified. These awards are highly competitive and sought after, and alumni have a unique perspective in helping to choose the most deserving students for these awards.

Last year, Dr. Elizabeth Farren participated in the scholarship review process from her home in Texas. She reviewed and logged her reactions to the scholarship applications online.

“Through this experience, I was rewarded by learning about the many things students had done to prepare themselves for their college experience,” she noted. “I was impressed by the focused effort students were making to succeed in their chosen endeavors and their great enthusiasm for the future.”

Elizabeth said that she would recommend this volunteer experience to other NIU alumni, especially because NIU has set up the scholarship review system very efficiently, and it was easy to score each application appropriately.

“Just jump in!” she said. “The future needs these bright and enthusiastic students! And, more selfishly, you will have a trip down memory lane and remember your own preparation and dreams of becoming.”

Jason Goode, assistant to the associate vice provost for the University Honors Program, said that alumni involvement is a very valuable resource that help NIU.

“Alumni volunteers bring their career expertise and reflect on their own experiences at NIU as they select the next group of scholarship recipients.” he said. “Their involvement allows us to review applications faster and more efficiently.”

“Last year, we had 30 people participate in the scholarship review process, from all over the country, and it went off like gangbusters!" said Liz McKee, Director of Alumni Volunteer Engagement for the NIUAA. “People really enjoyed that they were able to do it on their own time, and they felt they were contributing in a meaningful way, which they really are! This process allows alumni to get to know the best of the best students at NIU.”

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