NIU Alumni Travel is open to anyone interested in educational travel, including alumni, parents, families, and friends of the university.

Ready to explore the world? We are! Come see where we’re headed and join the pack.

It is exciting to think of new travel adventures and destinations we have dreamed about. Whether it is to explore, to learn, to socialize, or merely to see and hear the sights and sounds of a new destination, we have something for everyone.

Our main concern is for the well-being of our alumni and friends. Please note that travel is inherently risky, and please take caution to ensure that you are prepared, insured, and informed about your plans and about your desired destination. Not every tour is for everyone, and things like mobility, length of time, and location should all be a part of your consideration.

We thank you for your continued support of NIU and the Alumni Association Travel Program LLC, and we look forward to sharing new travel adventures. Please bookmark this page for future travel announcements.

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Upcoming Trips 

  • Classical Greece

    Travel to Greece with your fellow Huskies and experience warm sunshine reflecting off the Parthenon, espresso on a patio on Santorini, cold retsina on a balcony as the sun sets on Mykonos and so much more!

  • Croatia and Montenegro Coastal Voyage

    The Croatian coastline and its islands rank among the most intricately indented coastlines in the world. Of the 1,244 islands, islets, cliffs and reefs, only 50 are inhabited.

  • Roadtrip Through North Carolina

    Ride along with us as we roadtrip through autumnal North Carolina and meet up with fellow Huskies for the NIU/NC State football game.

  • Taj Mahal and the Treasures of India

    Discover India’s greatest treasures as you visit the timeless Taj Mahal, seek the graceful Bengal tiger and witness a holy rite beside the sacred Ganges.

  • Magical Christmas Markets

    Enjoy the Christmas season as never before! We invite you to return to the days of yesteryear and take pleasure in a dusting of snowflakes, hot mulled wine, stirring carols and festive squares while exploring the Christmas markets of Germany, Switzerland

  • New Zealand Adventure

    It’s a tale of two islands as our small group journeys from New Zealand’s North to its South, through lively cities and pristine fjords, past lush farmland and enchanted forests in a land where the outdoors is the national shrine.