Volunteer Spotlight
Dave Templin, ’89, Credits Accounting Faculty for Teaching Him to “Care for People”

By Eva Richards

dave_templin_11_2014_01_copyTemplin appreciates how balanced the NIU approach was, focusing not only on accounting academics, but also softer skills, including leadership and values.

First-generation student Dave Templin, ’89, discusses how NIU prepared him for a long, successful career in accounting while instilling in him the importance of people over numbers.

NIUAA: Tell us about your experience leading up to choosing NIU.
Templin: Being from Peoria, Illinois, NIU was relatively unknown to those guiding me. I came across NIU in my search for a quality business/accounting program. Not only did the academic opportunities at NIU meet my expectations, but the campus life, people and proximity to Chicago area really sold me on becoming a Huskie!

NIUAA:  Tell us about your experience while at NIU.
Templin: My academic experience at NIU exceeded my expectations. The faculty and staff in the accountancy department were passionate and dedicated to my success as a student. This dedication was on display the most with the CPA review class. The program and faculty helped me pass the entire exam on my first try. There were numerous opportunities in my student life, and it’s hard to narrow my story down to a few. My involvement with the Catholic Newman Center and Student Accounting Society were among my favorites. I made lifetime friends and memories during my years at NIU.

NIUAA: Tell us about your experience after graduating NIU.
Templin: Immediately following graduation and the CPA exam, I joined Caterpillar where I was blessed to have wonderful 30-plus-year career. Caterpillar afforded me opportunities to grow and develop myself in many areas of their business, including several business models and global exposure and a three-year international assignment in France. My professional journey got off to a wonderful start thanks to the education and experiences at NIU. I appreciated how balanced the NIU approach was, focusing not only on the academics, but the softer skills, leadership and values.

NIUAA: In a few sentences, please share the impact NIU has had on your life.
Templin: I learned invaluable lessons during my time at NIU. As a first-generation college graduate, I learned the lesson that hard work and dedication to my studies were key to my development. I carried this forward into my career, focusing on a lifetime of learning and development to support my success. I also learned the important value of passion and care for people. The accounting faculty modeled this for me and often instilled more confidence in me than I had in myself. I’ve tried to give back and pass on these lessons through my involvement in several programs at NIU’s College of Business the last several years. I’m also a proud father of two Huskies.

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