College of Business

Cyndia Depre ('79)

College of Education

Terry Trafton ('92)

College of Health and Human Sciences

Helen Macie Osterman (M.S. '82)

Nancy Gaye Wedemeyer ('97)

  • Don't Die, Mr. Opal, Oklahoma Needs You (contributor)

College of Law

Randy Richardson (J.D. '94)

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Deborah Cobban Brod (writing as D.C. Brod) (M.A. '85)

J.D. Fitzpatrick ('93)

Kathleen Heady (M.A. '91)

Bill Lamperes ('65, M.A. '71)

  • The Attendant

Ronald Levitsky ('70)

  • The Wisdom of Serpents
  • The Spirit That Kills
  • The Love That Kills
  • The Innocence That Kills
  • Stone Boy

Gary Lindner (writing as Nicolas D. Charles) ('76, M.A. '79, M.S. '82)