NIU Author Spotlight


Why did you start writing?

The concept of being able to express my thoughts via a published work was a goal I set for myself many years ago. I always knew I would write a book, and presently I've written and published two books. Yet if you asked me those same years ago what I was going to write about, I would have answered that I wasn't sure what the subject matter of my efforts would be.

It took years of business experience and service in executive leadership roles to define me as a person and provide me the foundation for which to write my books. I finally felt confident in my ability to provide my readers with a product that would be interesting, entertaining, engaging, and position me as a credible source of business knowledge. The capacity to write was ingrained in me at an early age and enhanced during my college experience, yet only came to fruition once I felt confident and competent in delivering a legitimate offering.


How did NIU prepare you for a career as a writer?

While I didn't make a career of writing, my time at NIU allowed me the opportunity to earn my first job at a newspaper in the advertising sales department. As a journalism major, I enjoyed writing, yet wanted to use my strengths in the business aspect of the newspaper industry. So advertising sales was a natural starting point for me and from there it continued to blossom. The advertising classes I had at NIU not only piqued my interest but helped to lay the foundation for a 25-year career in the advertising media sales industry.

I later taught advertising management classes at the graduate school level and have NIU to thank for much of my post-graduation success. The colors of my book covers are red, black, and white in a subtle homage to NIU.


Describe the satisfaction of seeing your book published with your name on the cover?

All ego aside, the personal satisfaction of seeing my efforts come to fruition in print is difficult to put into words. There is a feeling of accomplishment and gratification which only presents itself after an undertaking of hard work, dedication, and commitment becomes a reality, and most importantly a successful reality! Every time I look at the cover of one of my books, I can only say "Yep, I did it."

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Author Information

Graduated: 1977

College: Liberal Arts and Sciences

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Journalism 

Book Titles:

21 Lessons Learned in Leadership
21 Lessons Learned in Sales Management