STEM Café—Quantum Computing: Next Big Thing or Next Big Flop? 

Jan. 17, 6:30-8:30 p.m. 

 STEM Café: Quantum Computing: Next Big Thing or Next Big Flop?


Join us from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 13, at Fatty's Pub and Grille in DeKalb, Illinois, for the next STEM Café—Quantum Computing: Next Big Thing or Next Big Flop?

Quantum computing has experienced tremendous growth in the last ten years. But will it be the next big thing – or the next big flop?

Join us to learn the basics of quantum computing, find out where the field stands today and learn what else needs to happen before quantum computing can live up to its potential.

Laurence Lurio, Ph.D., NIU professor of physics, will discuss the basic principles of quantum physics which make quantum computers possible. He’ll explain why these quantum computers could significantly outperform even the best current computers – and discuss some of the fundamental problems that have to be solved if quantum computers are to ever really work.

Kirk Duffin, Ph.D., NIU associate professor of computer science, will talk about how quantum computers fit into the overall computing paradigm and their strengths and weaknesses. He’ll also discuss a few of the most important algorithms discovered to date in quantum computing.

We hope you’ll leave this talk better able to distinguish between the potential of quantum computing and the hype surrounding it!

Northern Illinois University STEM Cafés are part of NIU STEAM and are designed to increase public awareness of the critical role that STEM fields play in our everyday lives. They are offered in partnership with the NIU Alumni Association and made possible with support from Bayer Fund.

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Cost: Free


6:30PM - 8:30PM Wed 17 Jan 2024, Central timezone


Fatty’s Pub & Grille
1312 W Lincoln Hwy.
DeKalb, IL 60115

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