NIU Rockford Alumni Club

The NIU Rockford Alumni Club, officially established in the fall of 1998, was formed to fill a need of alumni in the Rockford area to connect with NIU and each other. The Rockford Alumni Club welcomes all NIU alumni involved in the Rockford area community.rockford-group-photo


  • To support the programs and interests of NIU and its alumni
  • To enhance the image of and support NIU in the Rockford area 
  • To provide mutually beneficial networking for alumni
  • To support the David & Diane Graf College of Business Rockford Endowed Scholarship, awarded to students in the Rockford area

Rockford Alumni Club Benefits:

Coordinators and Team Members:

  • Diane Graf, President
  • Chuck Allton, Professional Seminars
  • Michelle Gorham, Scholarship
  • David Graf, NIU Co-Liaison
  • Rena Cotsones, NIU Co-Liaison
  • Jim Hansberry, Financial
  • Laura Gallagher
  • Paul Green
  • Rod Leezer
  • Jeff Wallem
  • German Fonseca
  • Mark Bonne

Click here to join the NIU Rockford Alumni Club email list. Do you have any questions about the club? Contact Diane Graf,