New NIUAA Board member Antoinette Bryant, '82, Brings Project Management Experience to Table
By Tony Scott

antoinette-bryant-picAntoinette Bryant, '82. serves as the senior project manager for Cook County government.

Antoinette Bryant, ’82, pledges to promote NIU as a global leader as she joins the NIUAA Board of Directors.

“The impact of the university along with the NIU brand transcends geographic boundaries,” she said. “As we become recognized as a leading global institution, I want to help ensure the NIU tradition of excellence and inclusivity continues. As a NIUAA board member I pledge to always support and promote the university’s mission both at home and abroad.”

Bryant, who earned her bachelor’s degree in computer science from NIU, currently serves as the senior project manager for Cook County government. In her role, Bryant partners with Guidehouse Consultants and REI Consulting on the development, design and delivery of an enterprise grants management solution for Cook County. She works closely with the county’s contract, compliance and procurement agencies to evaluate, review and approve request-for-proposals and contracts. 

Prior to her experience at Cook County, Bryant held project management positions at Motorola Solutions Inc. and Alcatel-Lucent Technologies and was a technical project manager consultant for Isom and Associates. 

Bryant has continued to stay active with her alma mater, including being a founding member and secretary of the Black Alumni Council. She has also remained involved by speaking with NIU students about career opportunities and reviewing scholarship applications. She is currently a member of the Dean’s Advisory Board for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. As a Huskie Athletics enthusiast, she attends homecoming events annually. 

Along with her degree from NIU, Bryant earned a project management professional certification from the Project Management Institute.

Bryant describes earning her NIU degree as one of her proudest accomplishments.

“I obtained my degree when there were not many women pursuing technical careers,” she said. “My career as a software developer has provided numerous opportunities and experiences that most could not imagine. In many respects I have become a trailblazer in my community, opening the doors for many to come behind me.”

She also praised her son, Jordan Alexander Hill, M.B.A. '19, who earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Purdue University and an M.B.A. from NIU.

“Personally, my proudest accomplishment is watching my son follow in my footsteps,” she said. “Witnessing him obtain his M.B.A. from NIU has been one of the proudest moments of my life.”

In addition to her professional achievements, Bryant serves as first vice president of a community service organization that serves teens and senior citizens, and assists with a career development ministry, providing career and mentoring services to community residents. 

Bryant stressed the importance of continuing to be involved as an alumnus of NIU.

“The continued growth and success of a university is based not only on the students, staff and faculty but also a strong and committed alumni base,” she said. “A truly engaged alumnus will pledge financial support and attend university events to show support and pride. I have spoken to parents and students whose college selection process weighed heavily on an strong alumni base and involvement. The presence and support of engaged alumni is reflected in the excellence and sustainability of the university and its programmatic goals.”

Bryant credits her degree from NIU as being crucial to her professional success.

“My computer science education, focused on an applied science approach, allowed me to immediately apply what was taught in the classroom into the computer lab,” she said. “This approach provided hands-on training which allowed for a quick and seamless transition from academia to employment. NIU’s computer science program was highly regarded and recognized in the region. My degree from NIU opened many doors and to this day continues to be invaluable as my career continues to ascend to heights that I never dreamt possible.”